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Posted on: May 22, 2008 4:06 pm

Goin' for the sweep

As the Braves perpare for the final game vs the Mets, only one thing is on the mind of both teams collective fan base: brooms. I honestly believe that if the Braves can beat Johan tonight, it might finish the Mets in late-May. Course, then the Mets might fire Willie, and that wouldn't be good. The drama surronding the Mets is larger than a soap opera, and that's not good for a ballclub. Is Wagner a racist? Is Willie to eager to accuse announcers of being racist? Is David Wright a team leader? If not, is Beltran that leader? Can Delgado be respected when he is struggling so badly? All of these questions have nothing to do with the on the field product, and that is why the Mets are doing so badly. It's all from the neck up, and if the Braves sweep, it could be a dagger through the heart, or, more accurately, the head.

But that's not the point of this entry: Johan Santana is.

This, right here, is what they traded for. The stopper. This might be the game that determins how valueble Johan is for 2008. Might I be overstating the importantance of this game? Certaintly, but I don't think so. The great thing is, it's not as important to the Braves. A Mets loss may be allimportant, while a Braves loss means what? Oh well, we only took 3/4. And on the other side: can we only win with Johan pitching?

It's not a good spot for the Braves, but right here, Johan Santana can make that trade worth while, in one fell swoop.

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